In today’s world React has become one of the most popular libraries used by web developers, primarily front end web developers, around the globe. The main reason why it is so preferred is because of its speed and simplicity to reuse code using virtual DOM and components respectively. This post is intended to find out the pros and cons of the topic that revolves around the most fundamental topic of React- STATES!

What is the difference and which one should we select? Before deep diving into the comparison we would first try to understand what are states and how are…

Are you a web developer, but still use old school methods like basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create websites? The present world has now moved to an entirely new level of programming and development, where new technologies have come into existence, be it frameworks, libraries, languages etc.! It is very much essential to be on the same page as that of the world, and try to modify and develop your skills accordingly.

Programming languages, platforms and libraries like React, Node, MongoDB etc. …

First things first! If you are here, it is obligatory for you to know what flask is. In case you don’t, let me brief it to you.

What is Flask?

Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. It provides you with numerous tools, libraries, and technologies to help you build your web application. Flask might look quite similar to that of NodeJs in terms of usage, but flask is very lightweight, with a lot of inbuilt libraries! At the same time, numerous plugins are to be added and updated frequently.

Have your flask web-app built?

Excellent! Only developers…

Here in this lesson I will be driving you through the complete process of deploying your node.js app to web that you have made with hours of hard work!

After reading this you will be create your own link and share your node.js app with all your friends, instead of just having it on your localhost. So lets get started!

First make your own app.js file:

So this is the first step that you should do. You should have npm and node.js installed in your laptop. Now you can make a directory and then create a file called app.js…

Hey, this is your friend Samarth Nehe. For those who have not yet viewed my profile, I am a Rubik’s cube speed solver with around 5 years of experience. Presently I average 12 seconds on my main event i.e. the 3x3. ( check my personal best times at the bottom of this article).

With my experience, I think I can guide you to improve/learn the cube in an effective way!

Is learning the Rubik’s cube that tough?

•The biggest misconception about the Rubik’s Cube since 1974 is that it requires high IQ and great knowledge of mathematics.

  • But this is…


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